Sustaining the environment

We treat environmental sustainability as central to every aspect of our business in order to reduce our impact on the environment, reduce costs, and improve our business performance.
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EarthSaver Criteria

Keeping up with sustainability is as easy as keeping your eye out for our EarthSaver logo. This classification means a supplier has met our ethical sourcing requirements and the product meets one or more of the following criteria:

Recycled content
Eco-conscious products contain at least 30% post-consumer recycled content.

Third-party standards and certifications
Products meeting our eco-conscious criteria adhere to a select group of third-party environmental standards and certifications.

Other environmental designs
Eco-conscious products with these features contain 30% or more agricultural residues, rapidly renewable materials or bio-based plastics.

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And the winners are.

Staples has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for both Best New Product and Best Eco Product in the 2015 Australian Business Awards for two of our new papers: Staples 100% Recycled A4 Copy Paper and Staples Carbon Neutral 20% Recycled Copy Paper.

Staples acknowledges the growing need for locally made and sourced products that have a focus on sustainability. We believe in the importance of providing Australian-made paper to support not only sustainable business practices but also local economy and employment. Find out more.


Sustainable Earth by Staples™

Staples is committed to offering you sustainable choices. From remanufactured ink and toner, to recycled paper and plastic products, to bamboo and sugar cane bagasse products, Staples is your one source for all your sustainable purchasing needs. We offer more than 250 eco-conscious products in our Sustainable Earth by Staples™ and Staples brand ranges.

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A new lease on life

Staples believes in the value of recycling. Each year we recycle hundreds of thousands of ink and toner cartridges through a customer recycling program, Cart Collect. We even found a way to reuse the parts of recycled toner cartridges that can’t be reused. We recycled the material and repurpose them to make Sustainable Earth by Staples™ calculators and staplers.

Find out more about Staples’ global recycling initiatives.

Staples ‘walk the talk’

It’s important to understand that we also ‘walk the talk’ to reduce the impact on the environment from our operations as well.

It starts with our Environmental Management System which is certified to ISO 14001, but goes even further to include:

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Tracking corporate greenhouse gas emissions using a Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management Plan to account for and report on our emissions.

Implemented waste reduction programs covering ethical disposal procedures and waste segregation stations.