Giving back

Staples is committed to supporting charitable endeavours in communities where our customers and associates live, providing millions of dollars worldwide each year.

Our Focus

We support non-profit organisations focused on educational causes that strive to teach, train and inspire people from all walks of life. We do this though our global charitable arm, Staples Foundation for Learning, plus cause-marketing initiatives and partnerships with non-profit organisations, and in-kind and monetary donations.

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Staples Foundation for Learning

Created in 2002, SFFL has contributed millions of dollars in grants to non-profit organisations in hundreds of communities. Its mission is to support organisations that provide job skills and education to all, with a special emphasis on disadvantaged youth.

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2 Million & Change

Staples runs an annual giving initiative globally each year called 2 Million & Change. This program allows Staples associates around the world to get involved and choose non-profit organisations focused on education or job skills to be granted funding from the program.

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2 Million & Change, education, community giving